How can you help?

Take Action

Everyone can make a difference and lots of small individual actions can add up to something large and amazing. Don't be put off by the indifference of politicians and big business. They only will only listen when their seats/profits are threatened. Individual apathy is our worst enemy. If we roll over and let them take Whatehawk Hill what will they take from us next.

First Steps

What you can do is only limited by your imagination and the friends you have to help you. But here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Tell Everyone You Know - if people don't know this is happening they can't do anything about it, spread the word to all your friends and neighbours
  • Kick Up A Fuss - everyone needs to know you are against this, objection letters, e-mails, and petitions are a start, but a poster in your window or changing you profile pic on social media can really start a trend
  • Join The Campaign - united we stand, divided we fall, get in touch or come to a meeting and together we can really make a difference
  • Take A Stand - come to one of our events/demos (or help organise one), and support you community and city against these destructive plans
Pile On The Pressure
Right now the council is trying to sell part of the Whitehawk Hill Nature Reserve to a joint venture it has set up with property developers, the Hyde Group. Piling pressure on the council to stop this sale the is currently priority number one (see below for more details).

Pressure The Council

If you don't have time for anything else, please at least e-mail/write to the council to make sure they know what you think of their plans to build on Whitehawk Hill Nature Reserve. There is a good letter from the Sussex Wildlife Trust and Sussex CPRE which might give you some ideas of what to say, or you can use this template, but bear in mind that something personalised by you is likely to have more impact than a template. It would be best to send to all the councillors below:

Daniel Yates (Council Leader):

David Gibson (Housing & New Homes Committee/Director - Joint Venture Board):

Julie Cattell (Chair - Planning Committee):

Anne Meadows (Chair - Housing & New Homes Committee/Director - Joint Venture Board):

Mary Mears (Housing & New Homes Committee/Director - Joint Venture Board):

Emma Daniel (Chair - Neighbourhoods, Communities & Equalities Committee):

Karen Barford (Chair - Health & Wellbeing Board):

Phelim Mac Cafferty (Planning Committee/Policy, Resources & Growth Committee):

Tony Janio (Policy, Resources & Growth Committee):

Alan Robins (Chair of the Economic Development & Culture Committee):

Ideally you would also send to the councillors for the ward you live in, you can find out who they are by entering your postcode into this site:

Of you can send letters to:

<Councillor' s Name>, Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove BN3 3BQ