Save Whitehawk Hill Demo at Hove Town Hall


Join us outside the Housing and New Homes Committee meeting to show the council the strength of our feelings. Bring placards, banners, drums, friends, family.

The Threat

Brighton & Hove Council has plans to sell a large chunk of Whitehawk Hill Nature Reserve to London property developers, splitting the reserve in two and irreparably damaging the wildlife that the reserve is meant to protect. This proposed sale is part of a master plan to sell off large swaths of green space throughout the city to be concreted over. On Weds 16th Jan the council “Housing & New Homes” committee is meeting to potentially sign off on the sale of the nature reserve land. This needs resisting!

The Demo

People will be gathering from 3:15pm outside Hove Town Hall to oppose the sell off, if we can make enough noise we can make our voices heard.. The meeting starts at 4pm, when there is the opportunity to go in to the gallery. Various people have tabled 3/4 questions to this meeting, which be be early in the proceedings. Bring placards, banners, drums, friends, family. We want them to clearly hear our message - no destruction of our Nature Reserve! Homes for all, but not on our most precious green spaces.

No Social Licence

The community have not been consulted about the plan to sell the land, in violation of the Aarhus Convention which is meant to guarantee the public's right to "participate in environmental decision-making". The nature reserve land was once a common, and a covenant was attached to the deeds when it was enclosed which was supposed to preserve the right of "the public in general, to use and enjoy" the land "for ever thereafter". The council has been holding secret meetings (public and press excluded), for over a year.

The Big Picture

The council has plans to start building on remaining green spaces throughout the city. These plans are being driven by central government, and the "City of London" financial sector. Developments in Brighton are being watched careful (the national Times newspaper is writing articles about the possibility of resistance in Brighton) and if these initial developments are not vigorously opposed wave of destructive development on green spaces across Brighton, and many other part of the country, is likely to follow.