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The Threat

Brighton & Hove Council wants to sell a large chunk of Whitehawk Hill Nature Reserve to property developers, splitting it in two and irreperably damaging the wildlife it is meant to protect and local community

Joint Venture

Land Sale



Joint Venture

The council is going into business with property developers, the Hyde Group, to build on green spaces across the "Urban Fringe" of Brighton. One of the threatened areas is Whitehawk Hill Nature Reserve.

Land Sale

The council is planning to sell a large chunk of the nature reserve to the new joint venture, and reinvest the money in the joint venture. Time is running out to halt the sale of this precious land.


If the sale isn't stopped, the joint venture will need to submit a planning application, for 5 high-rise blocks plus a car park. Hyde are already working on the application, and resisting it would be the next battle.


The plan is to borrow up to £120 million to finance these destructive projects. City investors are already salivating over the potential profits, but organised community resistance can make it look less attractive.

Our Nature Reserve

Whitehawk Hill Nature Reserve is a very ancient and special place, a rare natural habitat, home to many threatened species and a vital green lung for the local community and city

One Of Britain's Rarest Natural Habitats

Ancient chalk grassland is internationally important – it is one of Britain’s rarest and richest habitats

Home To Many Rare And Threatened Species

The nature reserve support many threatened species including Adonis Blue butterfly and orchids

Vital Green Space For Local Communities

The hill is a vital green lung within the city and is a popular area for dog walking and nature spotting

5500 years


146 acres

Reserve Area


Rare Species


Plant Species per m3


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